SEO For Musicians

SEO Finds New Fans For You

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provides a huge opportunity for you to make new fans on a daily basis. This article focuses almost exclusively on the specifics of SEO for Musicians using Google as the target search engine.

Caution: You’ll need an IMMENSE amount of patience for SEO. Changes you make can take months, or even years to show up in all of the internet search engines. However, once you’ve established an SEO presence on the web, it hunts for potential fans relentlessly, 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold
Jerry Joplin
The Hell Raisin’ Hippies

I encourage you to explore your favorite musician’s sites and judge their SEO. As you’ll see, most musicians are focused on selling merchandise and tour tickets instead of SEO. Worse yet, some musician’s sites tend to look like something out of the 1990’s, especially on mobile devices.

Yet, there are quite a lot of fantastic sites for bands and musicians. One of the better sites on the web is Avenged Sevenfold: This is a very engaging site that fans return to often and it maintains pretty damn good SEO. Cheers to Avenged Sevenfold! Whether you like their genre of music or not, they have a great web site which engages their fans.

Start With Basics

Basics of SEO for Musicians

SEO isn’t much different for a musician’s site than it is for any other type of web site. However, you’ll find that most musicians are able to exert a presence on the web that rivals all of their SEO competitors. Society frequently values musicians as much as scientists, astronauts, politicians, athletes, or any other public figures. You’ll notice a societal “boost” in your SEO ratings simply because you are a musician. Congratulations, now let’s make the best of your societal “boost!”

The Basics

There are much better references on getting started with the Basics of SEO than this blog post. Here are two great references with which you may want to become familiar:

The Basics of the Basics

Additionally, sometimes the basics of the Basics of SEO for Musicians aren’t clearly outlined in any SEO primer. In other words, the Basics of SEO for Musicians is already a complex technical subject, so here is a list of some of the important basics of the basics:

  • Your web site should be highly available with almost zero down time.
  • The site must be esthetically pleasing to the site visitor, for all types of devices. The bounce rate should be below 70%. Google Analytics is great for tracking bounce rates.
  • Appealing site content should cause visitors to linger on the site and browse related pages. Google’s Search Console Insights is a valuable tool for gauging appeal.
  • The site must conform to contemporary security standards. Use tools such as SSL Labs Server Test to make sure your site is considered secure.
  • The site shouldn’t be the origin of malware, viruses, spam, offensive content, or any other items that could cause the site to be black listed. Try SSL Trust’s Safety and Security Check to find trust issues.
  • The site should load as quickly as possible as a slow page load will drive away mobile users. Try using Google’s PageSpeed Insights for more information.

Plaid Parliament of Pwning
Plaid Parliament of Pwning at Carnegie Mellon

Owning and Pwning Topics

SEO allows you to “own” topics on the web. When you perform an internet search, you’ll most likely click on one of the first three items in the search results.

  • Owning a search term: If your information is solely listed in the first three items, then you have “owned” the topic on the web.
  • Pwning a search term: If your information is solely listed in the entire first page’s results, congratulations! You’ve actually moved up to “pwning” the topic on the web!

When this article talks about “owning” a particular topic, it means you’ve established SEO dominance for a search topic by “owning” or “pwning” the topic. Owning a topic opens up new avenues of success for you on the world wide web.

SEO Success
SEO Success

Owning Musician’s Names

If a potential fan sees you at a concert, on social media, or hears a tune they like, they often search for you on the web. The search results may cause them to ignore you, hate you, or become a devoted fan.

To “own” a musician’s name, you may need to own several associated search terms.

The Name of the Musician’s Band

For existing bands, it may be hard to own your name. You still have to try and get into the search results even if you’re only listed on the 3rd page. It is important that you acquire the domain name associated with the band, such as “” or “

For new bands, figuring out the name of your band should be an exercise in SEO. To get great search results – adopt a name you can pwn.

As an example, consider “The Hell Raisin Hippies” of whom Jerry Joplin is a member. As of the writing of this article, we’ve pwned this topic. The first search page consists solely of results about the band.

The Names of Each of the Musicians

Similarly, you’ll also want to own the individual name of the musician or musicians of the band. It can be very helpful if you also acquire the domain name associated with the musician, such as “” or “”

Owning the musician’s name can be tricky. This can bring a surprising amount of exposure. Some of the musicians may not want the exposure that comes from owning their names on the web. If this happens, you can try using aliases for the musician.

As an example, consider “Jerry Joplin” a member of The Hell Raisin’ Hippies. As of the writing of this article, I have managed to own “Jerry Joplin.” However, I have a significant number of competitors that are important public figures. My battle to own “Jerry Joplin” is ongoing and constant, with ups and downs, as will be your SEO efforts. SEO isn’t a one-time effort, it needs constant attention and adjustments as the technology evolves.

The results for owning a musician’s search results has perks that produce even more exposure for you on the web! These perks evolve as SEO technology evolves but convey importance to internet searchers.

Currently you can see that Google will display additional information about the musician. You can preview videos or music. It even has a “Knowledge Panel” which you can claim from Google once you own your own site. This allows you to request further information to display using the “Suggest an edit.”

Jerry Joplin Search
Jerry Joplin Search Results

Aliases for the Band or Musicians

There are several reasons a musician may want to use an alias. They may want to take on a more unique and identifiable name for music. Or they may not want their real name exposed to public scrutiny. If they use an alias, you’ll want to own the alias too.

As an example consider “Reverend Gibbons” an alias for ZZ Top’sBilly Gibbons. The Reverend pwns his aliases on the web. However, at the time of this writing, Ozzy Osbourne owns “” but does NOT own This is interesting as it appears Ozzy’s management team didn’t see the necessity for grabbing but” (I’m pretty sure Ozzy doesn’t understand any of this so he relies on his record company)

Owning the musician’s name and aliases has a lot of perks. A hearty congratulations is well in order when you achieve it! Congratulations!!

SEO Cool Album
SEO Cool Album

Owning Song and Album Names

Owning song and album names is similar to owning musician’s and band’s names. You’ll want to try and own as many of your song and album titles as possible. You’ll especially want to focus on your most popular songs and albums. This can have an added bonus of letting you compete on other search terms similar to your title.

Aliens Are Programming Our Brains

As an example, consider the song entitled “Aliens are Programming Our Brains” from The Hell Raisin’ Hippies. Not only have we managed to pwn this specific topic, we get web visitors by competing on several similar search terms. When people search for: “aliens programming brains” they see us.

Aliens Are Programming Our Brains Search
Aliens Are Programming Our Brains Search Results

Owning the name of song or album brings you maximum exposure. It is also great to simply compete on competitive search terms by getting into the first page’s search results. As an example, consider the search term “Hippie Trance” the name of our 2019 album. We don’t own the topic, but most of the entries from the first page’s search results point to us. This has the advantage of listing the sub-genre of music. Wikipedia lists the first result as Psychedelic Trance, thus Hippie Trance is clearly of the genre Psychedelic Trance.

Hippie Trance Search
Hippie Trance Search Results

In other words, owning your song and album titles not only brings visitors searching for those terms, it can overlap into similar topics that bring fans to your site. Competing and winning at SEO, has many advantages that you may not yet have considered for a musician.

War Pigs

War Pigs Search
War Pigs Search Results

The results for owning a song or album’s search results has similar perks to owning the musician’s names. The perks improve as the popularity of the song increases as well. At the time of this writing, Google displays video and song preview with the lyrics of the song. An example is War Pigs by Black Sabbath. But any level of owning a song or album’s name brings perks.

Live Aid 1985 Search
Live Aid 1985 Search Results

Owning Other Search Terms

Owning other search terms such as your past important performances and venues brings similar perks as owning other search terms. You’ll find one of the better examples of these perks can be see by searching for “Live Aid 1985.”

Clearly, Freddie Mercury is an SEO champion of the world! Yet, at the time of this writing, his web site is woefully lacking. But Freddie overcomes this and his overwhelming web presence helps even a lackluster web site to dominate the search results for“Live Aid 1985.”

However, it may not be desirable to own the search terms for performances, venues or other items, especially for venues. You may want the venue to show where your fans can buy the tickets or merchandise!

Be careful as it may not be the desired results when owning search terms. Be prepared to give up ownership when this happens by deleting content and links.

SEO For Musicians: Conclusion

Competing and winning with SEO for musicians can bring a lot of potential fans to your site. SEO also brings a lot of perks for musicians, such as previewing videos, albums, lyrics and performances. Simply competing in SEO brings you relevance and importance.

If you’re just getting started – keep your head up. You’ll need patience and persistence, but the rewards can be stunning and persistent.